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The Law Street presents My Post
A chance to get your writings published online.

About The Event

The Law Street welcomes submissions from learners especially students engaged in myriad fields of education. Through this project we aim to provide a platform to young budding minds from multidisciplinary background to enhance their writing skills by taking active part.


The theme for the submissions is open. Authors can pen down on various issues that surround us. It can be legal, socio-legal, socio-political or economic, which ignites them to write and provide readers an analytical insight. Submissions can be made under any of the heads as mentioned below:

1. Essay writing

2. Article writing- Short article & Long article

3. Case Study/Analysis- which can include wholly theoretical analysis or can be presented in the form of Power Point Presentation (ppt)

4. Blog/ Column/ Legislative comment


We are accepting submissions from the authors on rolling basis


The Law Street invites students, scholars and academicians from every field.

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All correspondence and queries may be addressed to-

Kaustubh Shandilya- 6394150387

Aditi Tripathi- 9721744935.

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“Strength through adversity”

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