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"We, the people of THE LAW STREET, solemnly promise to make this website open for all to ask any questions related to our subject-matter. We endeavor to keep this participation-friendly, helpful, out-of-the-world amazing, interesting and simple.

This shall be before all the academicians, who want to learn, grow, expand their horizons and fly.

We aim to provide every possible national as well as international guidance and update which is related to our subject-matter.

We are the prime believers of the Constitution of India."

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About The Law Street

The Law Street is a pan-India body which aims at bringing together the legal fraternity of the country and help law students to get a platform for launching their careers in various branches of the legal field. Our team facilitates students and lawyers in expanding their careers and enlarges the scope of legal work for the betterment of students, lawyers, academicians, and fortification of justice.


Provide lawyers and law students a platform for expanding and establishing their careers in an organized manner with concerted effort.


A respected and dignified legal fraternity with prerogative rights for lawyers and promises of a bright future for aspiring lawyers.​​


Practical Legal Training Workshops

Team The Law Street tries to impart Practical knowledge of the working procedures and ethics in Indian Courts by organising workshops which are purely based on practical learning rather than theoretical analysis of the laws of the country. These workshops enable students and young lawyers to learn and grasp about the tedious procedures involved in the working of our legal system and give valuable insights into the realism and pragmatism of filing a petition, preparing written submission, drafting notices/responses, court ethics and many more which is currently absent in the legal education system of the country. These workshops might be a boon for aspirants who want to develop their careers in Practical Litigation.


We focus on establishing a legal forum to create a healthy environment for the legal fraternity on the values and ethics of our ancestors and enable law students to feel proud of the legal profession. Lawyers all over the world are defamed for corruption and alleged as selfish and immoral. Team Law Street works on creating a respected and honorable image of lawyers, instilling the fundamental values of respect and dignity in students, and sharing the benefits of a well-organized legal community with the society. The problems of the lawyers and law students require to be addressed in a prescribed manner and law students should have the chance for making a safe and progressive career in the litigation and corporate field. Many law students owing to their reasons are not able to get admitted to a prestigious law school but wish to work in a corporate firm. Many new lawyers are exploited by their seniors and didn’t get the opportunity to make their client base. India lack in providing an organized working structure for aspiring lawyers to enter the corporate law firms neither is there any framework for new lawyers to create their client base. Our goal is to make an established framework for India’s litigation fields and corporate firms to enable lawyers and students to grow and establish themselves in the legal fraternity.


"Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.

                                                        -Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

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